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Request Oldak why he wants to RuneScape Gold understand more about the fairy circles, and he'll say that he would like to return to Yubiusk to rescue Zanik. Tell him about the Dramen Staff, and he'll say that it is too inconvenient to visit Entrana every time he needs one, so that he tells you that the two of you have to visit the Dramen Tree, try to acquire a seed, and develop a fresh Dramen Tree in Dorgeshkan. Tell him you will meet him in Port Sarim.

Head to the Port Sarim pub and you'll see a cutscene with Oldak requesting some drunken sailors instructions to the Entrana ship. One of the sailors will begin attacking Oldak. Conquer the level 27 sailor. Talk to Oldak and you will see a cutscene of you two sailing to Entrana. Head to the cave, past the zombies, you don't want an axe, and also to the tree. Oldak will harvest a seed and tell you his teleorb got damaged by the demons. Instead of going there however, well, in which you property, this dialog will occur:

Where are we? This isn't that town! We obtained them whenever they teleported. How can they have. . It was the world that they stole! I knew if I got you coming off of Entrana, you would not have the ability to fight . Now tell me, what's the other filthy goblin? She is where you can't hurt her, though that is not really good...

You now must go up against two level 22 HAM guards along with a level 50 HAM mage... along with your bare hands. Speak to him, and you'll visit Dorgeshkan, don't worry, you'll walk and never get intercepted again.

Once back at Oldak's lab, you will enter a dialogue about how to develop your new Dramen Tree. I don't understand how we are supposed to develop a tree underground. Not to worry, the tree grew underground also, you understand. We only require a fertile and bewitching patch. How do we get that? Well, I'm no gardner, however I had a chat with Buy Old School RS Gold somebody...

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