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Exam Dumps   every day and make up time by simply reviewing them more efficiently. So how do you triage? First, for any questions that you answered correctly and feel confident about, limit yourself to skimming the explanation. Suppose you already have enough expertise to answer these questions correctly. In that case, your main goals are to reinforce your knowledge and keep an eye out for any extra details that might pop up in the main explanation or the explanations of the wrong answer choices. Next, triage your review of incorrect answers using the following calculation: (100 – (your average score on Exam Dumps question blocks)) = cutoff for review Using this calculation, if you typically answer 60% of Exam Dumps questions correctly, you should focus your review on questions Guide 2 Passing you missed, but 40% (ie, 100 – 60) or more students got correct. As your score rises toward 70%, your cutoff will naturally adjust itself downward toward 30%. Once you improve up to 80%, your cutoff will nosedive toward 20%. Obviously, the smaller the percentage of students answering a question correctly, the harder the material is. By triaging your review to those


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