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Dragon Isles Dragon Isles have been shrouded in mystery since the World of Warcraft's inception, and are only mentions of them in small pieces of dialogue or concept art WOTLK Gold. What isn't known about this magical land is how the dragons were made and transformed by the Titans from being mere beasts to valiant guardians that embodied various aspects of the planet they guarded. All five dragonflights have their roots to the Dragon Isles, but much has changed during their absence.

A number of World of Warcraft's expansions have introduced new classes and races that players can get their hands on and re-experience the game. Although the most recent World of Warcraft expansion, WOTLK Classic, was not able to offer this, Dragonflight will give players two new classes and a new race in one. The Dracthyr are an anthropomorphic hybrid of dragons and mortals which were developed by the Aspect of Earth the black dragon Neltharion (WoW the main Cataclysm antagonist) in the 10th millennium ago. The race is also part of the Dragon Isles and will allow players to integrate the role of dragons into their game. The Dracthyr are awash with available customizations, as the player is able to choose which dragonflight they want their character appear to be, as well as every other little aspect of the design.

Most importantly, this race will introduce a new class, the Evoker. Only Dracthyr can be Evokers and this is the only class in this new race can use as. Evokers is a class with range with the ability to play either healing or damage causing role. They come with their own unique actions that help bring their draconic nature to life, such as being able to fly through enemies' bodies with wings spread and roasting them with a fiery breath. The dragon-like Evokers are classified as a WoW Hero Class, just like death knights and the demon hunter before them. That means they begin at a higher point than other classes . They also have the lore of the expansion that they joined.

Like the majority expansions to World of Warcraft the models that are in the game will be updated or introduced. WoW: WOTLK Classic introduced a wide range of new designs and effects for the character in addition to introducing unique creatures we've never seen before buy WOW WOTLK Classic Gold. Dragonflight is just as exciting, having shown some juicy new looks for fan-favorite characters such as Alexstrazsa the Dragonqueen and Kalecgos of the Blue Dragonflight. But what's even more exciting is the possibility that the entire realm of Azeroth will be revived by new artwork.

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