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But, without Arthas or an additional WOW WOTLK Classic Gold to command it the Scourge could be a raging beast across the globe ruining everything. Bolvar Fordragon, who was burned beyond recognition by the flames of the dragons and the scorpions' fire, offered to carry such a burden. He donned the infamous Helm of Domination, sealing himself inside the Frozen Throne for eternity, where Bolvar would serve as the barrier between the multitude of undead survivors along with the world-famous innocents in Azeroth. The noble act of sacrifice made by Bolvar was kept secretbecause the Highlord didn't want anyone to come looking for him and believed it was better to be remembered by the world simply as the hero, who died to protect his people. The Scourge had been defeated, Azeroth's heroes could go home, secure in knowing of having put many big evils to rest. However, as is the case within World of Warcraft, the ending of one cataclysm results in another.

Blizzard Entertainment's official website accidentally announced the title of World of Warcraft's upcoming expansion called Dragonflight. The company plans to unveil in full later in the month. Other than the 2022 release of Burning Crusades Classic, the 2020 release of World of Warcraft Classic constitutes World of Warcraft's last major expansion. The first one-year period of World of Warcraft Classic didn't give much hope to the long-time fans, a lot of who were disappointed by a variety of delays and disappointing updates , which suggested a lack of direction.
World of Warcraft Classic' initial release rekindled excitement for the game in many ways; however the flurry of new content drops failed to last very long. Recent additions to features like the Covenant divided the community, prolonged periods of silence between updates caused more than a fair few players to step away from the game, and abuse accusations regarding Activision Blizzard left countless World of Warcraft fans reeling. The massive exodus from WoW ended up with Final Fantasy XIV receiving an astounding increase in player numbers, too. However, Blizzard's upcoming announcement of a completely new World of Warcraft expansion could be exactly what the MMO requires to find some of buy WOTLK Classic Gold its momentum.

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