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Rewards: 250K exp given to 10 skills of rs gold 2007 your choice (they may be the exact same ability ) The Crown of Varrock. The access to make an Abyssal Godsword by resserecting the Celtics another time together with your seals and Armadyl Staff and paying 85M. 8 questpoints. The Shield of Arrav (currently the most powerful shield in the sport ) Please let me know what you think about the quest!

Easl again, these thoughts pouring from my head lately! I'm opening with a FAQ to the questions I know will crop up: Mages don't deserve another spellbook, they have 3!

Allow me to point a few things out: Mages are the weakest at the combat triangle. When god wars came out we got, what, one thing, mellee got the most powerful weapon in the game, range got a decent armour collection. We must visit obscure places to use different spellbook sets, you don't have to go deeply into the desert to wield a crossbow rather than darts would you? Magic may really be used for different things, however is that relavent to how successful in pvp it's.

We've got an pvp spellbook mate, its called anceints, even lunar has veng! Its incredibly difficult to pvp as a mage, your cartoon instantly tells the opponent what your max strike is, where archers can pull out a crossbow or different bolts to take people by surprise, so folks never know a warriors strength so its hard to understand his max strike, its alot easier to fight a pure mage...

This spellbook won't work by allowing mages reach 50s, it is going to operate by useing subtle methods, think as a warlock out of WoW. Why can't you just hybrid? The spells. I shall go deeper in on how to unlock those, I've got the idea, it jsut needs finetuning, it involves a dungeon miniature quest which buy OSRS gold requires a spouse, unlocking each bout 1 by 1.

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