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World of Warcraft: Dragonflight is set in the mystical Dragon Isles, a fabled continent where dragons from Azeroth once  wow classic tbc gold  flourished in a world of their own. It was 10.000 years ago that the Sundering was a reality and the dragons needed elsewhere, they gave their home of the past to a few Titan structures, made by men of stone. The moment Azeroth was finally complete, they would be able to re-awaken the Isles and welcome its original inhabitants home, inaugurating a new era for the dragons.

Dragon Isles Dragon Isles have been shrouded in mystery since the World of Warcraft's creation, and is only barely mentioned in tiny fragments of concept art or dialogue. What isn't known about this mysterious location is the process of creating the dragons in the first place, and then transformed by the Titans from mere beasts into powerful guardians who represented different aspects of the world they protected. All five dragonflights can trace their origins to the Dragon Isles, but much has changed in their long absence.

A number among World of Warcraft's expansions have featured new races and classes for players to explore and redefine their experience within the game. Although the most recent World of Warcraft expansion, World of warcraft TBC, did not have either, Dragonflight will give players both a brand new class and a new race in one. The Dracthyr are an anthropomorphic hybrid of dragons and mortals created by the Aspect of Earth, the black dragon Neltharion (WoW the main Cataclysm antagonist), 10 millennia ago. This race also hails from The Dragon Isles and will allow players to integrate the role of dragon-like into their play. The Dracthyr come with a wide array of customizable options. The player is able to choose which dragonflight they want their character to be like, and every other little aspect of the design.

Additionally, this race will introduce another class: the Evoker. Only Dracthyr can be Evokers and it's the only class this new race has the ability to play as. Evokers are a ranged class that can serve in an healing or damage taking role. They come with their own unique actions that help bring their dragon-like nature to life, like being able to fly through enemies' bodies with wings spread and then roasting them in a fiery breath. They are a dragon like class. Evokers are part of the WoW Hero Class, just like the death knights or monster hunters prior to them, meaning they start at a higher point than other classes and possess the lore of the expansion that they joined.

In line with the standard of many games that have World of Warcraft's expansions there are a variety of models buy WOW TBC Classic Gold  included in the game will be added or upgraded. WoW: World of warcraft TBC brought with it an extensive range of new character customizations and spell effects in addition to introducing new characters we've never seen before. Dragonflight is similar, having unveiled some enticing new looks for popular characters like Alexstrazsa the dragonqueen and Kalecgos who are part of the Blue Dragonflight. More impressive, however, is the fact that the entire world of Azeroth will be reenergized with fresh graphics.

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