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The interest of an individual is vital in defining his long-term career goal. In essence, it helps a person narrow down to his passion. In fact, people find comfort practicing jobs that they like. On the contrary, most people shun away activities they do not enjoy. Similarly, I have diverse interests in my life. They have been critical in guiding my education. Nevertheless, I must admit that I have a top interest which supersedes the rest. The paper explores working with numbers as my valuable interest. It also exposes its impact on my life.

Since childhood, I have loved working with numbers more than I did anything with regards to studying. Mathematics had never been a tough subject for me. I always saw it as simple as playing around with numbers. It involves no bulk reading and memorizing. Working with numbers is like an activity as opposed to grounding yourself to studying. One can do it for hours without getting exhausted. My mum had to monitor my timetable because I would do only math during most of my study times. I loved watching statistical programmes such as opinion polls and the worldwide demographic reports. Consequently, I liked visual representation of numbers. I could fake some figures and use the formulas that I was knowledgeable about to calculate percentages, mean, mode, and other statistical frequencies. I would then use this information to represent them in various charts using Microsoft Excel.

Last summer, I had a memorable experience regarding the interest. I did walk into a high profile healthcare holding and requested to see the human resource manager. I requested to be an intern-volunteer in the business analysis department. I did not quite expect a positive response. However, she said agreed. The minimum qualification was to have a degree in business analysis or statistical analysis that I did not have. Nevertheless, the head of the department was pleased with my desire to learn and my passion for statistics. For the next three months, I was amazed at how calculations are made easier using Microsoft Excel. I knew had limited knowledge on how to use this application. I was thrilled by new discoveries. Mining all of the eleven clinics data countywide that this healthcare organization owned was an exciting experience. However, I noticed that speed is of the essence at work. Many times my instructor would tell me that I needed to improve my speed. I was used to doing calculations for pleasure, and I would take as long as I wanted. Nonetheless, in this environment, the employer put time deadlines that had to be met. In the field of mathematics, practice makes perfect. My supervisor did encourage me to spend time working out the issues.

These three months just affirmed to me that I am not an art person. Also, reading theory is not what I would do. I learned that I am very keen in all that I do. It is because in the department one oversight can lead to a deceptive report that could have adverse effects to the extent of leading the business into bankruptcy. I am inquisitive and curious too and always want to know more on how results are generated from primary numbers. The experience is a show of my character and passion in life. It is evident I have mathematical orientation. I love doing practical number analysis. Despite the technicalities which accompany this, it is apparent that I have the determination to endure. Consequently, I would like to be a statistical analyst in the future. I consider it is my area of strength and zeal. In fact, I am certain, I will prosper in the career.

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Emma Moore holds MBA in the International Relations. She works as a manager at the company is keen on writing, enhancing soft skills and self-development.

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By Emma Moore
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