Some of the common occurrences posts from Weiweismart's blog

Oh, and remove blatant reposts of Animal Crossing Items all top-scoring posts in the sub. I really don't care if they claim they saw it on Facebook, it had been only on our front page a week ago (that's likely the way the individual on Facebook watched it and posted it), and generally I think there should be a"if you did not make it, avoid posting it" rule.

Some of the common occurrences posts are a problem, that is if they are just that, common. I do love milestone posts, but I can be irritating to view 5 of the exact same that I just got a blue increased or I simply got 5 stars posts. It's a tough call because those are really important minutes & really enjoyable to share. However, I think that the milestones should remain because overall, it's a fun way to bond as a community, observing together.

It would be really tough to enforce the spoilers rules. Even with out hacking, a person in state, New Zealand, could have the new update almost a complete day until I get it on the west shore. They could post an image that is legit and not a spoiler for these but it might ruin a surprise for me because of the time gap. When does something stop counting as a "spoiler"? Personally, IMO, if you do not want to get spoiled, tread with care on the internet. Everyone understands people time traveling in AC & it's a long haul match, so the danger of being subjected to spoilers is high. This risk & responsibility ought to be about the person browsing, not the obligation of the poster. That being said, I do think a spoiler flair of some sort would be fine, just to have the option, since it's upsetting to be spoiled on something, and we're all just looking for fun here. I have a feeling people would have used to the flair eventually and more folks would begin using it!

No problem with the memorial posts here. If it appears to miserable for me I just keep scrolling.

Agreeing with other remarks hereIt feels like we need some more flair onto the sub, possibly a mega ribbon index of some sort to sort what's cluttering the feed. Or perhaps daily discussion subjects? Not certain on logistics but it might help!

My final thought-I think it would be wonderful to some thing about the edited photos, a flair could be nice.

To expand on my opinion: if it's something that's built into the game since launching & happens annual (such as NYE, festive period, bunny afternoon etc), I do not care just as much about spoilers. I don't like seeing spoilers which come from a brand new swap for Nook Miles Ticket new articles (such as Pavé or Halloween and likely Mario), but I know that it's a risk to see them when I get online after an update. However, this is my opinion & feelings onto it, and all means of playing/views on spoilers are legitimate & acceptable. I have noticed people are very passionate about this particular game, and often have contradictory views on topics similar to this, but I just need the most people possible to have fun & enjoy the sport & the sub.

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