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You're given a key either blue, red, green, yellow, gray, white, black, orange, purple, or pink. You also can pick items from skills such as Feathers for RS gold Fletching, Raw Fish for Cooking Etc.. Melee items: Any Armor Set Bronze through Dragon Armor with 1 Weapon. Missing the one of your choice. OR if you are lvl 126 and completed all Free Play quests you may select 1 quest to complete fully (you have to have begun it)

Zammorak was searching for more people killing each other so he created the Blood mountain. He thought that more people would kill each other in the mountain so that he made it out of the bones and blood of monsters and adventurers. Guthix helped produce Blood Mountain so people would find a reasonable reward everywhere. Saradomin helped create Blood Mountain since he'd aid all of the adventurers in combat there.

Read all this guide before posting because: The rewards from the Blood Chest might not be fair and the prerequisites might tell why (100 qp and recepie for disaster) So you can view the Side Notes. Anyway I have not had a big suggestion, although lieing about the trampoline, I was thinking about Zogres, disease along with the glistening red weapons called dragon. Okay dragon claws, claws are relativly new, seem super cool and go up to rune. They aren't used much because: Rune claws need to be made. Not very powerful, about dagger rate but can't be disputed. A sheild can not be used together. The rune spec is not very good. So dragon claws heres a fast summary.

It hits at the exact same speed for a d dagger. Lost city is required to wield them. They're 2h weapons. Spec: Your personality dives forward, plunges both claws into the enemy. Both personality move 2 spaces, if a wall or impassible thing is hit, the target is intolerable and requires normal damage. Infection is marked by (D) after the weapon name. Super disorder is indicated by (D+) following the weapon title. Effects. If you strike a weapon with disease on, the oppenent will suffer with illness and start losing 5 from every random stat. If you strike with a weapon with superb disorder on, the oppnent will endure from isease and start losing 10 from each random statt. Reclyms balm may be used to heal you. It is going to only use 1 dose to fully heal.

Why disorder? Why did you opt for those weapons? Spears, claws and throwing axes and also my favirote weapons, but I do not use them. They aren't use a lot as they are ill effective in comparison to other weapons such as daggers, halbeards and knives. Exactly how many doses will player disease take to cure? Only 1 dose to buy RuneScape gold fully heal yourself.

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