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Despite being a writer at the capstone essay writing service, I experienced several obstacles in the preparing of the speech. Firstly, I had not familiarized myself with the venue, listeners and the content of the speech. The mistake resulted in my constant hesitation during the presentation. I should have gone through the speech several times and made a presentation to a small group of selected listeners. Thus, I could have asked them to critique the speech. The decision would have helped me understand and fix the weaknesses or build more on strong points of the speech. Secondly, I had not prepared for the public presentation. In order to present the quality speech, one should take enough time to show the proper behavior while speaking. As a result, I experienced nervousness and the failure to recognized several parts of the speech. Thirdly, I had not taken my audience into consideration. After review, I would structure the speech in a way that it would not be detailed, because the audience clearly had lost interest. Verbosity in preparing the speech was also inappropriate. I should have paid attention to the main points rather than provided details that obviously supported the main point. Consequently, details have made the speech unnecessarily long and affected its quality of delivery to the audience.

In the presentation, the observed nonverbal feedback was giggling. The audience seemed distracted. It was my mistake, as I did not use any methods to involve the audience in my presentation. I did not ask questions or request to give any remarks as a way of participating in the presentation. Therefore, distractions appeared such as usage of phones and murmuring as the audience was not concentrating on my presentation. The listeners were thus distracted and non-participative. Since the presentation was long and did not have any breaks or engagement of the audience, it was hard for them to keep concentrating on my presentation.

My speech has various strengths. Firstly, it has detailed nature, as I have done a comprehensive research to offer credible information. Secondly, it flows in the logical manner. Logic is crucial in understanding the way the issues in the speech connect. Thirdly, I have worked on the effective use of transitioning words and phrases to improve clarity.

However, the speech has a couple of weak point. The weaknesses include the lack of visual or other aids use. In the speech, I only used the verbal aspect of the presentation. It resulted in a failure of the audience to keep track of the speech progress at some point. The subject of the speech was complicated, as it presented the issues of schizophrenia. Therefore, I should have used visual aids such as photos in the hard copy or PowerPoint to improve the transmission of the message. The speech was also quite verbose. I ought to have reduced the content to make it simple and easy to understand by the audience. Moreover, I should have focused on the main points rather than lay out everything that would have been obvious from the main points. Lastly, there is lack of eye contact, which is crucial for the speech presentations.

I, the instructor, failed to engage the audience in my presentation. Also, I was nervous, that is why I stood in one position throughout the presentation and even showed signs of being tired by leaning on the table. I failed to be in control of my audience and they were distracted during my presentation. Finally, I did not consider the potential distractions such as phone ringing, which interfered with the concentration of my audience.

The audience, as stated above, was very distracted. They were murmuring during my presentation, and were not focusing on what I was saying. Also, my audience was not active during the presentation. They did not ask questions or make comment or observation during the presentation. I can conclude that they were a dull audience.

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