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During personal injury litigation, people are often hesitant to divulge pre-existing conditions. This is logical considering that the at-fault party's insurance carrier may be unwilling to pay out the claim. These insurance companies will be considerably less inclined to do so if a client fails to disclose pre-existing conditions. 

The client must understand the need for complete disclosure in receiving compensation during a personal injury action. The same broad idea is known differently in different parts of the country; the defense must accept the plaintiff as they are. This indicates that even if the plaintiff is predisposed to damage as a result of another disease, the defendant can still be found accountable.

In a personal injury claim, medical documents are critical. Doctors' records can tell the difference between previous and new injuries. Their reports in the plaintiff's medical records can also assist if the occurrence in issue increased or worsened the plaintiff's condition.

In most instances, it is the omission of injury rather than the presence of a pre-existing ailment that causes complications. When a victim conceals the fact that they have health problems and fails to disclose them in a lawsuit, the victim's character is called into question, not their harm.

Personal injury attorneys are no strangers to instances involving pre-existing illnesses. These attorneys are also well-versed in the strategies used by insurance companies to avoid compensating a victim. As a result, victims should never attempt to manage their cases on their own, especially if they have pre-existing problems.

Mr. Niral Patel is a seasoned & caring Santa Ana Personal injury attorney. For over 24years, Niral Patel Injury Law has been defending personal injury victims in California. From medical malpractice to car accidents, our attorneys have the knowledge & experience to fight for your rights and interests. If you or any loved one has been hurt and you need an experienced lawyer to defend you, contact 1-805-748-9317 for a free initial consultation.

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