NBA 2K22 hasn't revealed any plans to include other celebrities from Skyzhay's blog

These three athletes will be made Buy NBA 2K22 MT available to use in the MyTeam feature in the game. MyTeam is a mode of play that lets players create teams that are full of NBA legends, but now hip-hop stars as well. Players must complete the Triple Threat Challenges for each celebrity in order to unlock their cards.

After completing the challenges, players will get access to the cards, which can be used in any single player game mode. Although they might seem like difficult tasks, it will not be too difficult as every challenge in each game type are set on beginner difficulty.

NBA 2K22 hasn't revealed any plans to include other celebrities as players in the game's modes. Despite this, many fans believe that the game will gain additional features in the near future. Three cards in the same time gives players hope that there could be another major release with a variety of celebrities included. In addition, the famous All-Star game is scheduled to launch on February 18 and the fans are hoping for additional additions as the game gets closer.

NBA 2K22 is also announcing that the game will soon be available for free play during the All-Star weekend. This is exciting news to fans of the game as it has never been released as a free game and the change is likely never happen again for quite some time.

Joel Embiid's recent run of success 2k myteam coins in real life has paid off for his overall score for NBA 2K22. Per the latest update for the game's video and the Philadelphia 76ers star has been upgraded by one point to his overall score of 96.

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