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It's not yet clear what categories Madden 22 coins they're using for these awards yet, since they announced a Rookie of the Year and have been following up by highlighting some Tackles and Interceptions leaders in Madden 22.

EA stores data on the way players play throughout the year for these games, and one thing they're able to do is to determine what NFL players are producing to players.

So far we've gotten a handful of reveals, and they're keeping in the pipeline, and we might have a full Madden 22 Awards class by the end of the night.

All Madden 22 Awards Players Lists (so far)

While there are still more Madden 22 Awards yet are to be revealed, we've been informed about four major players who were honored.

The first one was Micah Parsons, and he's chosen as Rookie of the Year in the Madden 22 Awards. While the criteria is less precise for this selection, the reasoning behind it is a logical choice considering the way Parsons was on the field this season.

If he plays exactly like buy mut coins  his real-life counterpart in Madden 22, it's likely to be no surprise that the players have been leaning on his defensive skills this season. Tyrann Mathieu was next to be named Tackles Leader at Madden 22 Awards. Madden 22 Awards in which players recorded 198.8 Million tackles with Mathieu over the last two seasons in Madden 22.

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