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This feature is available it The KR version of Lost Ark Gold Lost Ark and might not appear in the NA/EU version. We'll update this article when we know more details about this mechanism.

On the Korean client client, powerfulholds can eventually access a pet ranch that allows you to turn your pets in resource producers. You can choose the maximum of four pets to work in your ranch, creating cookies over time. The cookies can be sold to a vendor to upgrade your pets or get the new pets. Because of the different pets between KR as well as NA editions from Lost Ark, this system isn't nearly as useful as it would be if it were carried between versions.

Lost Ark is the latest MMO to hit the scene of gaming, with thousands of players eagerly embracing the game's exciting new release. The game officially releases on February. 11th, but players are already playing in early access.

One common issue players might confront is having too many items in their inventory, which can prevent players from carrying valuable items they discover on their adventures. Some objects are worth keeping and throwing them away is the most common mistake that players wish to avoid.

The good news is that cheapest Lost Ark Gold accessing the personal storage you have inside Lost Ark is simple. All you need to do is locate the Storage Keeper. He is an NPC with a massive backpack. They're identified with an icon of a chest in the map of the game. So make sure you keep an eye out when searching the game. Speak to them for access to your personal storage, which comes with the capacity of 180 slots. You can expand this size by purchasing additional rows but the basic amount should be sufficient for novice players.

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