Plastic surgery is a unique medical procedure that effortlessly corrects physical deformities caused by birth or accident. This reconstructive approach to plastic surgery has made it popular among people seeking facial correction, breast treatment, skin tightening, and weight reduction programs. When considering plastic surgery for any desired correction, the selection of the right medical expert called a plastic surgeon is unavoidable.

Through this blog of Designer Bodyz, Dr. Parag Telang will address tips for selecting the best plastic surgeon in Dubai. So read the blog carefully!

  • Look for a qualified and Experienced Surgeon

Plastic surgery, ranging from breast augmentation/ reduction to a facelift, is an invasive procedure. These surgical procedures have risks of failure, and downtime has evolved around them. Choosing a qualified and experienced plastic surgeon can minimize the complexity and post-operative side effects of the treatment.  Hence, it is advisable to choose a surgeon specializing in plastic surgery. Regarding this, doctors’ qualifications can be examined along with their experience.

  • Surgeon’s clinic must be Accredited

The clinic or hospital where the plastic surgery expert performs the procedure must also be considered. Concerned plastic surgery clinics must be well-occupied with advanced tools and technology for plastic surgery. Moreover, it must be clinically approved for use for medical purposes. 

  • Check treatments' availability and their success rate

Plastic surgery ranges from nose surgery to facelifts, and breast surgeries to full-body contouring procedures. One must be aware of these surgical procedures and their availability at the surgeon's clinic.  In regard to this, one can take references from the surgeon's or clinic’s official website or a personal visit to the clinic.

  • Learn about surgeon’s successes and failures

Nobody is perfect, but medical experts are. They also make mistakes, and sometimes individuals’ own unrealistic and negative approaches affect the surgeon’s success rate. In regard to this, one can take references from the surgeon’s previous clients. Clients’ experiences with the surgeon, and satisfaction level help to choose the best plastic surgeon.

  • Take Referrals from neighbors and Family Members

In order to find the best plastic surgeon in Dubai, neighbors and family members who have previously undergone plastic surgery can help. The individual can take such family members’ experiences as an advisory and make a wise decision.  

  • Ask question

One can meet the surgeon face to face and clear the doubts as much as they can. A well-experienced and grounded doctor listens to patients carefully and satisfies their curiosity about the treatment, and other concerns.

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