Compressed Air Treatment Equipment Market -Overview

Compressed air equipment Market is used to clean compressed air, with various advantages, such as lowering dew points and eliminating pollutants that could harm the compressor. The compressed air treatment equipment market will reach USD 12.69 billion by 2030, at a CAGR of 7%.

The developing use of compressed air and the expansion of sophisticated equipment and controls are advancing the demand for clean and dry air in a variety of industries, driving market expansion. One of the principal driving factors of the compressed air treatment equipment market is the escalating usage of compressed air in various industries.

Segmental Analysis

The compressed air treatment equipment market consists of dryers, filters, and air coolers based on the product. The compressed air treatment equipment market consists of food & beverage, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals based on the end-user. By application, the compressed air treatment equipment market consists of plant air/shop air, process air, instrument air, and breathing air.

Competitive Analysis

The adoption of cutting-edge technology and work methods is estimated to propel the market in the coming years. The current COVID-19 problem has prompted businesses to implement long-overdue operational adjustments comprehensively. Positive features of the worldwide demand are expected to drive the market throughout the forecast period. The funding of innovations is expected to prioritize the business targets set by the market's numerous stakeholders. The expanding geographical reach of various companies worldwide is forecasted to drive market growth in the future years. To handle market situations, businesses are increasingly embracing an asset-light model. A flexible ecosystem business strategy is expected to boost development chances during the projection period. To maintain their enterprises' durability and viability, the corporations are expected to prefer long-term advancements in the next period.

The distinguished competitors in the compressed air treatment equipment market are Airfilter Engineering (Malaysia), Gem Equipment's Ltd (India), Pneumatech, Inc. (US), Alpha-Pure (US), Beko Technologies (India), Pentair plc. (US), Atlas Copco Corporation (Sweden), BOGE Compressors (Germany), Chicago Pneumatic (India), Donaldson Company, Inc. (US), Sullivan-Palatek, Inc. (US), Industrial Air Power (IAP) (UK), Kaeser Compressors, Inc. (Germany), Precision Filtration Products (US), Seneca Companies, Inc. (US), Hitachi Ltd. (Japan), Van Air Systems (US), and Gardner Danver (US).


Regional Overview

Due to its well-established industrial and healthcare sectors, the presence of key market participants, and defined regulatory requirements for compressed air treatment, America commands the biggest market share. Because of the intensifying chemical and food and beverage sectors, speedy urbanization, a growing number of food processing businesses, and the occurrence of developing market competitors, the Asia-Pacific compressed air treatment equipment market is the fastest-growing area. Europe's equipment market is growing due to the augmented manufacturing activity, critical regulatory situations, and end-use industry investment in air purification.

Industry Updates:

Sep 2021 Atlas Copco has launched Pneumatech in India following the completion of the brand's global activities over the past 55 years. Pneumatech is a major compressed air treatment and gas generating equipment manufacturer part of the Atlas Copco Group and has a global presence. It has a global reach in terms of sales, customer service, and support and a global approach to manufacturing, with 15+ client centers and five manufacturing sites located across the world. Pneumatech products and services are developed to meet the effective need for energy efficiency while keeping the environment in mind. The greatest environmental impact is reducing the carbon footprint associated with Pneumatech products. Every new product development project aims to lower the product's carbon footprint. Pneumatech would enable clients in the Indian market to minimize compressed air system energy use. Furthermore, it extends the life of compressed air equipment and reduces overall energy usage and carbon footprint.

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