Most automation systems testing is derived from manual processes such as drilling, cutting, welding and e.t.c.These systems used a robotic system arm to manipulate the movement of the tool that performs the original function. Other applications particularly in this field of process control, use automation to monitor and control process parameters. This is done by manipulating the operation of equipment such as heaters motor pumps and compressors by opening or isolating the process line using control valves.

Advantages of automation:

Most Consistent production: Robotic system, when designed correctly, can reduce the production time required by doing complicated movements efficiently. A higher rate of larger production volume and better profit. To achieve faster action there must be sufficient force supplied to determine the driver and the flow of the movement of the link and joints and smooth without unnecessary transitions. The processing speed is faster and more efficient than humans. 

Increased Repeatability:  A repeated line is efficient because of the repeated sequence of movement that is somehow programmed to the operator according to the work. This requires minimal decision-making where the action is governed mostly by a predetermined specific set of instructions. The author is designed with a near-constant range of motion.

Ability to be more competitive: Automated cells allow to you decrease cycle time per and cost per piece while improving quality. This allows us to better compete on a global scale. Additionally, the flexibility of the robot enables to retool a cell to exceed the capabilities of your competition

Maximize labour: Over the next three decades, Statistics show that more than 76 million baby boomers will retire only 46 million new workers to replace them.

Better working conditions: Processes that involve extreme temperature, excessive pressure, high force, fast movements, and toxic materials pose safety hazards. Automation allows the robot to perform unsafe tasks eliminating injury or even fatality.