Drilling is a collective work project that requires the cooperation of many people. The simulator can build a multi-user shared virtual environment based on the network, so that users of different types of training can control their own avatars through the network to interact and cooperate with the avatars controlled by others, so as to achieve the purpose of simulation training. Not only can exercise operation skills, but also increase the level of cooperation and tacit understanding between colleagues.


The traditional training methods are too mechanical, inflexible, expensive, and fail to achieve the expected results. Teachers' explanations are often subject to teachers' professional quality and teaching skills, and are often mere formalities. Although on-site practical operation training can improve the operation skills of employees, there are many unsafe factors. Moreover, it is difficult for users to understand the working principle and internal structure of the equipment through actual operation training, which affects the later equipment maintenance. Drilling safety accidents are even more inexperienced, resulting in a lack of knowledge for students to deal with.


Therefore Esimtech developed and produced drilling and well control simulator. Through advanced three-dimensional technology, computer technology, etc., drilling operations can be displayed more concretely and realistically. Let students have a deeper understanding of drilling operations and learn.


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