Hot Water System

It is quite a fussy situation when your hot water system starts leaking. You frantically dial the contact number of Hot Water Repairs Adelaide but there is no response.

What will you do in such a situation? Don’t worry, fixing a leakage in the hot water system is not that difficult. Of course, you will not be able to resolve the problem, but you can stop water leakage at least.

Why do Hot Water Systems Adelaide leak? Well, there are many reasons. The first is, of course, aging. When the system becomes old, it develops minor holes. Water starts seeping out of these tiny holes. The indication of aging is the leakage from the bottom of the tank inside the burner compartment.  Sediments build up in the bottom gradually and rust the bottom. It eventually results in leakage.

Sometimes, the plumber does not fit it well and leaves the system leaking.

Improper maintenance and poor handling are also reasons behind it.

If there is too much tank pressure or the drain valve is loose, then also your hot water system starts leaking.

The reason for premature leakage is a poor installation in the majority of the cases.  What will you do when the hot water system leaks?

Find the leakage first

You need to shut off the power supply. Also, shut off the electrical power. If it is a gas water heater, then you are supposed to stop the gas supply.

The next step is to drain the water out of the hot water tank. Once the water comes out, you can see the source of the leakage and apply some sealant on it. Wait until it dries. Most of the time, small leakage stops by doing this.

However, if the leakage is bigger, then you can wait for the Hot Water Repairs Adelaide service provider to arrive at your place and solve the leakage problem.

Replacement of water heater valve

If the water leakage is from the pressure relief valve, then you should shut off the water valve and drain some water from the tank.

Companies that offer repairs and maintenance of Hot Water Systems Adelaide take some time because they have several calls to attend. It will avoid water wastage till the repair company arrives.

Indeed, hot water system leakage is annoying, but you can manage it before the repair engineer checks the root cause. These steps will help with it.

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