Harvesters are essential pieces of equipment for modern-day agriculture. They help farmers to effectively and efficiently harvest crops, saving time and reducing labor costs. However, with so many types of harvesters available, 

In farming, a harvester is any of many types of harvesting equipment; the design and functionality of harvesters vary significantly depending on the crop.

Different types of Harvesters that you must buy for your farm.

Combine Harvesters

  1. combine harvester also known as harvester-thresher, is used to harvest crops such as wheat, barley, oats, and corn. The machine cuts the crop, separates the grain from the stalk, and then cleans the grain. They are equipped with a header that cuts the crop and a threshing mechanism that separates the grain from the rest of the plant.

Cotton Harvesters

  1. Cotton is harvested using specialized machinery called cotton harvesters. These machines pick the cotton from the plant and then separate the cotton from the seeds. Cotton harvesters are designed to work in a variety of conditions, including wet and dry fields.

Potato Harvesters

  1. Potato harvesters are used to harvest potatoes. The potatoes are picked up from the ground by these machines, and the soil is then removed from the potatoes. Potato harvesters can be equipped with a variety of attachments, including sorting and grading equipment.

Grape Harvesters

  1. Grapes are harvested using specific machinery called grape harvesters. These machines are equipped with a set of rollers that gently shake the vines, causing the grapes to fall off. Grape harvesters are used to harvest grapes for wine production.

Corn Harvesters

  1. Corn harvesters, also known as corn pickers, are used to harvest corn. These machines are equipped with a header that cuts the corn stalks and then separates the corn from the rest of the plant. Corn harvesters can be used to harvest both sweet corn and field corn.

Sugar Cane Harvesters

  1. Sugar cane harvesters are specialized machines that are used to harvest sugar cane. After cutting the sugar cane, these machines separate the leaves from the stalks. Sugar cane harvesters are used to harvest sugar cane for the production of sugar and other products.

Specialty Tractors for Vineyards


Narrow tractors, low-profile tractors, compact tractors, and orchard tractors are specially designed for the vineyards. These tractors have features like narrow width, low profile, specialized attachment, all-wheel drive, and operator comfort. Kubota, John Deere, and New Holland are the brands that designed and manufactured specialty tractors for the vineyards with different series and new technologies. 

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