Variety Of Species In The Wilderness Of Asola Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary

Butterflies give a sense of the beautiful combination of colours when thought of instantly. Have you ever thought about sightseeing the flight of butterflies in a densely populated area of the capital region? Asola Bhatti wildlife sanctuary grooms varieties of butterflies. 45 of the 91 species can be seen in wildlife every season. Some of the common species are Plain Tiger, Bluepansy,Daniel Eggfly and others. 


What do the butterflies indicate about the place? Asola Bhatti wildlife sanctuary has been in news because of the rarest species of butterflies. Population of butterflies is directly related to climate change. The delicate nature of the life cycle of a butterfly is dependent on the chaos of the environment. Density of the insects are very vulnerable to the harmful effects of the environment. 


Here’s a link to know about all the details of the tickets and places to visit Asola Bhatti wildlife sanctuary. 


Other than butterflies, news about Asola Bhatti wildlife sanctuary leopard species also become prominent. These leopard species are very rare and native to the Indian landmass. Indication of the species resembles that of the healthy environment around. The problem of wildlife worldwide is the prey density of the big predators. A similar problem is also prevalent in the Asola Bhatti wildlife sanctuary; leopards are facing a shortage of their prey. 


Decay of  the dead is also one of the primary activities performed by the jungle. Decline in the number of striped hyenas is also a point of concern. The species are responsible for properly disposing the dead in the jungle. Asola Bhatti wildlife sanctuary has been included in the list of the natural places in the country facing this severe problem. Monkeys are another sufferers in the wild; recently, there has been news about the monkeys starving to death. The problem is big but the solution is in the hands of the people and the government. 


What are the basic problems faced by the authority in the jungle? One of the biggest problems is the mismanagement of the wild species and the regular neglect of the government over there. Recently a high amount of budget has been announced for the sanctuaries and parks in the country which also includes Asola Bhatti wildlife sanctuary. Another big problem arose in the times of COVID, where all the dependents of the jungle faced a lack of resourcefulness and this increased the number of animal hunts in the jungle. 


People are very much dependent on the resources of the Jungle. There’s been so many vulnerabilities recently in Asola Bhatti wildlife sanctuary regarding the livelihoods of the people depending on the jungle as the market almost crashed in the difficult times of COVID. The sustainable approach demands a special focus on the Asola Bhatti wildlife sanctuary from the government, NGOs and civil society organisations over there.