The newly introduced H89 Series Pirelli Steer Tires was introduced at the American Trucking Association Technology & Maintenance Council meeting in Atlanta by the US division of Prometeon Tyre Group, formerly known as Pirelli Industrial. According to the firm, the Pirelli-branded H89 tire series has specific tires for the steer, drive, and trailer axles and offers better gas mileage, traction, and road handling in all weather conditions, including on wet roads. The tires are made specifically for long-distance and local transport services in the United States and Canada. 

The new series features various tread designs created especially for each fitting axle: H89 Drive, H89 Trailer, and H89 Pirelli Steer Tires: 295/75 R 22.5, 11 R 22.5, and 11 R 24.5. According to the business, the pitch sequence and groove geometry enhance handling, traction, and lateral stability on both wet and dry asphalt while preventing stone trapping and enhancing water evacuation. 

The revolutionary RSR technology benefits Pirelli Steer Tires by optimizing the footprint contact pressure and ensuring even wear in the shoulder area. M+S marking on the H89 Trailer and Drive ensures grip performance on slick conditions. The entire line of sizes 295/75 R 22.5 has been EPA SmartWay verified and is in compliance with the California Air Resources Board (CARB). Later this year, the new products will gradually become available. 

Features Of Pirelli Steer Tires - H89 PLUS 

Pirelli Steer Tires are Premium eco-friendly cow tire intended for long stretch and territorial assistance, it conveys exeptional dealing with, low moving obstruction, high retreadability and high expulsion mileage. 

  • Through exclusive SATT Technology, improved steering accuracy and great performance in all weather conditions are achieved. 
  • An improved footprint is provided by the new tread pattern's siped ribs and expanded tread profile, resulting in a long tire life and even wear. 
  • New tread and base compounds offer outstanding retreadability, long tread life, and compliance with EPA Smartway Rolling Resistance criteria while decreasing heat generation. 


Customers can now get in touch with the Maestro Tire team and get a full container load of Pirelli Steer Tires at factory prices, saving 15-20% on Tire costs.