A soft starter is an electronic device used with single-phase motors. The initial current that the motor draws can cause torque stress, often affecting its winding and bearing. These complications may arise when you directly supply current to the motor.

Industries need to run their electrical appliances continuously, leading to motor burnout. Thanks to the latest technology like Single phase soft motor starter, which can resolve all such issues, know more about them through the below points-:

Enhance motor life

All electrical appliances like motors, pumps, and compressors shouldn't be supplied current directly. The sudden surge of current is equivalent to a shock to your appliances. It can affect the motor wiring, bearing, winding, and in worse situations, burnout. Sometimes, the sudden start of appliances can cause fire hazards. Installing a soft starter can not only protect your appliances but also provide you with safety.

Power factor correction

The in-built feature of the single-phase soft starter provides power factor correction. When the motor operates at less than full load, the reactive component of current draws more current due to the excessive magnetizing effect. But, when you install a soft starter, it reduces the voltage-dependent losses and improves the power factor correction side-by-side. This increases the efficiency of your appliance, reduces withdrawn current from the supply, and keeps your appliances safe.

Reduce wear and tear

The overall smooth operation of a system depends on the conveyor system, cranes, tools, and pumps. If one of the components fails, the entire operation will get affected. The sudden surge of current can introduce wear and tear in the motor; this can further lead to complications in the other components as well.

Smooth start and stop

For initial torque, you need to supply a high current to the motor. But, this often leads to jerking and noise. Soft starters eliminate this problem and provide a smooth start. Similarly, stopping the motor is a critical task because the sudden drop in current brings the motor to a static state instantly. This may introduce structural damage to the motor bearing and other parts. But, thanks to the soft starter, it can also provide smooth stopping.

Provide safety to employees

Accidents at the workplace may occur due to electric shock or mechanical failure in a machine. Both are dangerous from a safety point of view. Soft starters avoid these hazardous situations by preventing jerks and electric shocks.