Because we can precisely tailor our treatments to you and your objectives, selecting a non-surgical facelift at Beauty Barn is one of the greatest options available.


We can make minor adjustments to your cheeks or jowls if you only desire those. Or, if you'd prefer, we can give you a whole facelift. We won't force you to select an option in which you have no interest.


In reality, our highly qualified staff members will be able to identify what will work for you and what won't, and they can direct you toward the most efficient method of treating your own unique problem areas.

Cost of the Endermolift facelift

The creators of LPG Endermologie's Endermolift, a type of non-surgical facelift, have provided you this option since it has clinical data to back it up.


Our prices include a free initial consultation during which we may discuss the outcomes you can anticipate and assess your candidacy for the recommended course of action.


Endermolift may be the best option for you if all you're interested in is improving the appearance of the area around your eyes. With Endermolift, you can choose to go for full face treatments or only eye treatments.


Costs of an alternative non-surgical facelift

Our clients occasionally ask us about alternative non-surgical facelift techniques. Even though we don't currently administer these at our clinic, we can provide you some background on what they are and how much they typically cost.


Pricing for thread facelifts

A topical and local anesthetic are necessary for thread facelifts, a less invasive type of facelift.


A polydioxanone thread is used to stimulate natural collagen creation while tiny sutures are used to draw the skin together and guide it to the desired position.


Compared to other minimally invasive procedures, a thread facelift is more similar to a surgical facelift and may take a few days to heal completely.


Cost of Botox for facelift

Botox facelifts, often referred to as liquid facelifts, are a type of non-surgical facelift that involve many injections of dermal fillers or Botox into particular problem regions of the face.


You may prevent the hollowed-out appearance that can come with aging and instead produce a youthful-looking face full of vibrancy by injecting Botox or fillers into these regions.