In this week's update are a number of improvements to an alarm's settings Lost Ark Gold, that should function as expected as well as text updates to help make Steam achievements more clear about how to earn them as well as removing the Weekly Rapport Chest from the in-game store due a issue.Being added as part of this patch will be the legendary Arcanist's Empire Gem.Overall After the major update last week, this week is all about fixes and tweaks. For details on this week's updatethat starts at 12AM PT, head to Lost Ark for the full announcement.

Adventure Islands are a daily final game activity. To find one, open Procyon's Compass and click the 'appearance notifications' tab. You'll be able to see when and where you can expect the following Adventure Islands will appear. It will also show the recommended item level and the anticipated rewards.

Take a sail to the Adventure Island and wait for access. You can't see the island however, but that you're on the right track when you spot an encircling maelstrom, with lots of other boats congregating. Once there is an Adventure Island appears, right-click to enter. The quest will begin automatically. Be sure to complete the quest, and don't be afraid to ask for assistance through the chat room if you feel the quest is cheap Lost Ark Gold.