Powder coating is quite a simple yet versatile method for coating metals and other objects. Due to this simplicity, various companies in and around New Jersey offer powder coating services. Of course, the level of service they provide is all different, but the basis remains the same. In New Jersey, you're likely to find a powder coating shop in almost every neighborhood.


To help you and indicate powder coating costs in the Jersey area, we've compiled a list of the common items that are bright to powder coating shops. These are merely indications and not exact prices.


Amongst the most commonly coated items are rims. Powder coating rims depend on the size and metal type, much like many other powder coating items. Here is the cost of powder coating on some of the most common objects:


  • Fences and Gates: $6-$8 per square foot
  • Railings: $8-$12 per square foot
  • Security doors or aluminum windows: $50-$75 per item
  • Grill: $50-$100 per item
  • Beds: $50-$200 per bed
  • Patio furniture: $75-$500
  • Radiators: $200-$300


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