Have you ever wondered how many packages are delivered per second? Or what is one of the biggest industries in the world? How do documents and courier services get to their destination? There is one industry that answers these questions: logistics. Process of planning, managing, and executing the efficient movement of goods from one place to another.

Most companies have logistics integrated into their work. However, companies like Amazon and Flipkart are recognizable. Some of these companies have their own logistic networks, while others outsource this function of their business. The Indian logistics industry has to face a variety of challenges. Thanks to its geographical presence and the second largest population in the world.

The country has one of the highest road densities in Asia; However, the quality of the roads is lower than in many developing countries. Attempts are being made to improve the roads and the transport industry is consolidating with the exodus of smaller and disorganized players. of the market and organized players gained ground. The pandemic has had two major impacts on the industry. Firstly in storage and secondly in transport. Ordering and managing reasonable amounts of inventory stored in warehouses just got more difficult.

Think time-sensitive shipping, think  Blue Dart Express. Many people believe that this Indian courier service company is an international company. Thanks to your brand colors and logo! Blue Dart Express is South Asia's premier integrated air transport. and distribution company. It offers safe and reliable delivery of shipments to more than 35,000 locations in India.

In fact,  24 packages are delivered every second! Blue Dart Express allows delivery at predefined times for critical shipments such as passports, tenders, and original documents/certificates. In addition, it offers industry-specific services. controlled logistics for its customers in the life sciences and healthcare sectors as well as thermal packaging. In addition, it offers cargo solutions such as airport-to-airport, interline, and charter flights.

The company activated 16 digital wallets in portable messaging devices in addition to accepting credit/debit cards during lockdown to ensure contactless delivery. Blue Dart Express and DHL entered into a distribution alliance agreement on  September 12, 2002. This alliance was further strengthened in 2005 when DHL Express (Singapore) Pte. LTD. 

03% stake in Blue Dart Express. DHL is the world's leading express transport and logistics company. It combines global coverage with in-depth knowledge of local markets. Blue Dart Express is a defensive stock. This means that it pays consistent dividends and stable income regardless of the general stock market situation.

Sometimes they tend to outperform the market in adverse situations. There is a constant demand for logistics, so bonuses are usually very stable. These actions can be used for cover. Blue Dart Express Limited is a large-cap company with a market capitalization in excess of Rs 20,000 crore. Both sales and net profit show an increasing trend over a five-year period. Read More in Fundamental Analysis Of Blue Dart Express