Vaping are quickly becoming a favorite of people from all age groups. Not only are more and more teenagers using it, but it is also used by people who are trying to quit smoking. They have several benefits which place them way above cigarettes. Read on to find out what!

Reasons of Vaping

The many reasons of vaping include the following, among much more.

• Odourless – Cigarettes have a distinct smell which lingers long after you have stopped smoking. These days, with everyone aware of the bad effects of smoking, most people find the smell offensive and will refuse to have intimate conversations with you. Vaping is an easy way to eliminate this problem. The vapor of E-juices either has no smell or smells like the flavor used, which is usually something fruity.

• Cost effective – Vaping costs much less than traditional cigarettes. Cigarettes have now become rather expensive, and those who smoke regularly end up having to spend a lot of money on buying cigarettes, lighters, ashtrays and other things. This, however, is, not the case with vape products.

• Safety – Cigarettes may cause actual fires since they require you to burn the tobacco. Lighting cigarettes near flammable objects can lead to severe fires and may even cause death. Worldwide, a study has found that nearly 10% of deaths caused by the fire was from fires caused by lit cigarettes. Vaping does not involve open fire and thus helps to eliminate this threat.

• Health – Smoking causes a lot of diseases like stroke, lung cancer, mouth cancer, throat cancer, heart attacks, pneumonia, Alzheimer’s and even osteoporosis. Vaping does not pose any of these risks and is mostly safe, meaning you do not have to worry about killing yourself by this dangerous habit.

• Social – These days, more and more people are becoming averse to smoking. As people realize that even passive smoking can be fatal, restrictions on public smoking are being increased. The exhaled smoke also contains harmful chemicals which can affect those around you. For this reason, smokers are being increasingly disapproved of by people. Vaping does not have these drawbacks, and there are no limitations to where you can vape. While you cannot smoke legally in most open public spaces, vaping is allowed. It also allows you to quit smoking and will also earn you points as someone who is environmentally conscious and trying to make a change.

• Alternative smoking – Smoking is as much about a physical habit as it is about the dependency on nicotine. Vaping allows you to wean yourself off of cigarettes easily and without any effects on your health. A lot of people may take to overeating to replicate the hand to mouth motion that is made during smoking. Vaporizer easily takes care of that. It also provides a punch to the throat that smokers often crave for.

The popularity of E-cigarettes or vaping can be attributed to the myriad benefits it brings to the table. Not only can it be used as a safe alternative to smoking, but it also tastes nice. It helps smokers to quit smoking and has no harmful side effects as well.