"For certain excursions, riding a train could be the most sustainable alternative, but discovering the pricing and timetables to phrazle travel from A to B might take a few different searches," Google stated in a release that was shared with T+L. In response to a search for "Berlin to Vienna trains," for example, a new module will appear in the search results, allowing you to choose a departure date and compare different train companies. Following your optimal train selection, you will be redirected to our partner's website where you may finalize your reservation.

Google gives similar information to users who do a search for a flight from Paris to London as it does to those who conduct the same search for a trip from London to Paris. Those interested in purchasing tickets for that train are sent to the Eurostar website.

Google has said that it will roll out the functionality to more countries in the near future.

Google also revealed new capabilities to its Google Maps platform, including the ability to book trains and a "neighborhood vibe" function that would combine photographs and information from the Google Maps community to highlight the most popular areas. The business also promised to enhance the live view function it debuted last year, making it possible to do searches while using it.

The firm will also make it easier to find eco-friendly vacations by letting users specify that they're only interested in "low emissions" flights or "eco-certified" lodgings.

Google is expanding its search capabilities, but it will no longer let users book flights directly via the engine beginning September 30 in much of the globe and March 31 in the United States.