Blizzard earlier announced in July of 2020 it was going to launch the Shadowlands expansion would be launched in the fall of 2020. with Hight declaring that it would happen "even even if we end up moving it away from our homes with WoTLK Classic Gold." It appears that's the case now. The pandemic, at the very least within the United States, has kept numerous game developers away from their homes.

Shadowlands is an expansion for World of Warcraft. Shadowlands expansion will bring several modifications and adjustments in World of Warcraft , including cutting the cap on levels by 60 instead of 120 and introducing controller support. World of Warcraft has never been released on consoles, despite recent Blizzard games that have made the leap. This is the eighth expansion for the game following 2018's Battle for Azeroth. Except for Burning Crusade to Lich King There's been two years between expansions.

Shadowlands will also permit players to join the Covenant which is a brand new type of faction system in game which teaches new skills and gives quests. In addition this expansion does not charge players to change genders.

Although there won't be BlizzCon in 2019. BlizzCon Online will be coming in 2021. possibly as early as. Blizzard has been working hard on World of Warcraft , on the top of World of Warcraft . There is no official release date for either of the two games.

The celebration is similar to the previous celebrations of the anniversary, but with a major addition. A new weekly challenge will test players against Doomwalker, the Burning Crusade world boss, the Doomwalker and will also reward players with new items such as Doomwalker Trophy Stand toy Doomwalker Trophy Stand toys and the Illidari Doomhawk mount. The introduction of the Doomwalker coincides with the launch of Burning Crusade Classic, a updated version of the game's initial expansion that was released earlier in the year.

The anniversary celebration will bring back the original version of the game's Alterac Valley battleground with cheap WoTLK Gold. The players who achieve the achievements associated with the battleground will gain two mounts: the Stormpike Battle Ram for the Alliance and the Frostwolf Snarler for the Horde.