When thinking of buying that luxury watch for yourself or a loved one, does it really pay to buy an original? Won't you get the same value from a replica?

Actually, in many circumstances it makes more sense to buy an original Cartier, Rolex or Piaget than a knock-off. There are three solid reasons for buying a certified original watch: it is an investment that you can resell, it enhances your self image and it is something that you can pass to your children. A replica, no matter how convincing, cannot give you these benefits.

An Investment in the Future

When you save up enough money to buy a watch that costs more than $5,000, your acquisition should be in the form of an asset - you should not think of just disposing of this money in exchange for something that looks nice. A genuine luxury chronometer (wristwatch) is a way to store cash - just as you would store your money in the form of a bond, a stock or a car. If you ever find yourself in dire straits, you can always resell a genuine brand-name watch and recover your money. There are many buyers for used Rolexes and Pateks, but a replica cannot be resold when you're in a pinch.

An Investment in Yourself

Another reason to buy a genuine wristwatch, rather than a fake, is respect for yourself. A luxury wristwatch is widely recognized as a symbol of wealth, power and vitality. When you wear a finely-crafted, high-end watch, you feel better about yourself and people notice that. If you wear a replica of a luxury watch on your wrist, you are aware that there's something off and that you haven't really joined the exclusive club of those who wear the genuine brand-name chronometers. There is a saying: "better brands make you feel like a better person". Its not just about looks, its about respect for yourself.

An Investment for Your Children

The final reason for buying a luxury wristwatch is to create a legacy that's your own. You probably have friends who had valuable heirlooms passed in their family from generation to generation. Oftentimes, these heirlooms are wristwatches. A luxury wristwatch is a great thing to pass down to your children (and grandchildren), because it looks timeless, it can be worn on special occasions and its craftsmanship means that it actually works after decades! No replica can last as long as a genuine high-end wristwatch.

Now that we have seen three good reasons to buy a genuine wristwatch, as opposed to a replica, you can go out there and claim your own great-looking, hard-working, luxury wristwatch!

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