Frankincense is also known as olibanum which is made from the wax of the Boswellia tree.  Frankincense essential oil has an irresistible woody, balsamic fragrance, a light yellow color and a thin consistency. When used in aromatherapy blends, it is considered as a base note. Generally, it grows in the dry and mountain regions of India, Africa, and the Middle East. Frankincense oil can be inhaled, consumed through the skin, or taken as a supplement. Also, it is widely used in ayurvedic medicines for years; frankincense oil offers certain health benefits from improved arthritis, and digestion to reduce asthma.


Blends well with:


Bergamot oil, Clary sage oil, Ginger oil, Lemon oil, Lavender oil, Sandalwood oil, Geranium oil, and Rose oil



  • Frankincense oil has one of the most powerful benefits that are its ability to promote health, specifically cellular function.
  • Frankincense oil can help get back your moisture whenever your hands feel or look unmoisturized, just add two drops of Frankincense oil to the moisturizer of your choice to help hydrate and rejuvenate your skin. The fragrance of the essential oil combined with your moisturizer adds a warm, spicy, and clean fragrance to your skin. 
  • Frankincense oil boosts immune system and combats infections; alleviates coughs, sore throat, strep, and pneumonia and staph symp
  • In aromatherapy, various other essential oils are often used in combination with frankincense oil.
  • When you combine a drop or two with carrier oil such as jojoba or avocado oil to frankincense essential oil can be applied to the skin or added to baths in small amounts.



  • Frankincense essential oil may have toxic effects if injected. Also, it is not recommended, without a doctor's supervision.
  • Besides, some individuals may suffer irritation or an allergic reaction when they apply frankincense essential oil to the skin. Therefore, a skin patch test should be made before using any new essential oil.
  • Pregnant women and children should consult doctor before using essential oils.

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