Canon continues to expand its presence in the printer market. Canon offers exceptional features to its customers. A pleasant working environment benefits the user. When working on such devices, minor issues are common. Many Canon printer users report error 6800 and want to know Canon Printer Error Code 6800 Solution. The error has no specific cause, but it is caused by some adverse conditions such as dust particle accumulation in the line feed, scratch line feed, and jump sensor faulty line. Canon printer drivers can also be downloaded from

What Could Be Causing Canon Printer Error Codes?

Before returning your printer to the manufacturer for a replacement or sending it to a repair service, you can try to resolve the Canon 6800 error at home. Take care not to do anything that will void your warranty. You'll be able to find your warranty terms in the device's manual if you still have it. It should be ready to print once you've selected the document to print and loaded your printer with paper. Take note of any error messages that appear on your computer when you attempt to print. Canon printers generate error codes for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Your printer's settings may not be compatible with the document you're attempting to print.
  • Your paper loading bay may have become clogged with paper, or you may be using the incorrect type of paper.
  • Your printer's ink may be running low and will need to be replaced.

How to Fix Error Codes from Canon Printers

In general, all Canon printers display a specific number for the error code you receive. You'll get a string of information with the 6800 error canon that describes what the error is or how it occurred. Once you've determined the error code, you can usually cross-reference it with the information in your owner's manual. Canon Printer Error Code 6800 Solution is simple, but it may necessitate some self-inspection and handwork. You will not need any special tools to fix the error codes, so simply follow these simple steps.

1. Unplug and reconnect your printer

When you encounter Canon printer error 6800, simply restarting the printer usually solves the problem. Before attempting to reset your printer, unplug it first. After unplugging it, wait a few seconds before plugging it back in. Turn on your printer and wait for it to begin printing.

2. Ensure that the paper feed tray is clean.

By opening the printer lid, you can find the paper feed tray. Take all of the papers out of the tray. Check the paper tray for any ripped pieces of paper or clips that may have become lodged there. Attempt to disassemble the paper tray after removing all of the papers. If the tray can be removed, reinstall it properly so that the fit is tight and proper. If not, make sure it's properly fitted. Reassemble all of the papers and turn the printer back on.

3. Ensure that all ink tanks are properly seated.

Error 6800 has also been associated with incorrectly seated or unseated ink tanks. Another thing you can try to fix Error 6800 is to open the printer door and make sure all of the printer's ink tanks are properly seated. To be sure, unseated and then reseated the ink tanks, even if they are already seated.

4. Determine whether any of your ink cartridges are empty.

Error 6800 may appear if one or more of your printer's ink cartridges are empty. Simply remove your printer's ink cartridges one at a time and inspect them to ensure that none are empty to rule out an empty ink cartridge as the cause in your case. If one of your ink cartridges is empty, replace it and see if that solves the problem.


So, that was a procedure that a Canon printer user could use to resolve the Canon printer error 6800 problem. However, for technical issues, professional assistance should always be sought. Technical support is essential for device users. As a result, companies that specialize in technical support provide on-call technical support to help you with any issue. Many Canon printer users report a variety of issues, but the majority report the same 6800 error and wonder Canon Printer Error Code 6800 Solution? If the above-mentioned method does not work for you, it means you are having printer-related problems. You can contact the Canon printer's customer service team to resolve these issues.

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