A lot of advanced features are added continuously to Google to make the “Search Engine Results Page” increasingly dynamic in order to target the new organic traffic. In this trend, it has added a new feature of  “People Also Search For" that can be used to boost your google search engine ranking. 

The foremost priority of Google is to present you with the most accurate, relevant, and high-quality websites that will definitely be helpful to you and that’s why it often keeps experimenting with some new advanced features to boost your ranking on it.

What is the “People Also Search For” Feature?

In this trend to optimize your website's ranking on google “People Also Search For” is the new strategy to fetch more traffic to your site.

Have you ever noticed the “people Also search for”  box while searching for anything,’? May it seems not to have much significance to you but it is heaven for SEO in order to look for the relevant keywords as it is stacked with ideas of keywords. 

People also search for a feature of google that suggests users search for what they want, whenever they didn’t get the exact information that they look for.

How to Use the PASF Feature to Rank Higher in the Google Search Engine

The suggestions that are given by google for PASF directly come from google’s record and are highly relevant to your topic. People also search for features that will help you to create the most powerful keyword in order to generate additional traffic.

Here are some ideas on how you can use people also as for feature

  1. Use the “People Also Search for” feature for picking the relevant keyword.
  2. You can use it in the FAQ at the end of the article.
  3. You can improve on-page SEO using this amazing feature
  4. PASF can be used in writing a full-fledged article.
  5. The best part of this feature is you can get appropriate content ideas for your niche..

That’s all! If you want details about this “People Also Search For” or “People also Ask For” feature visit the site techuncle.net to know more about it.