Business Intelligence – It is a set of architectures, technologies, and procedures which convert raw data into meaningful information that drives profitable business actions. It is also a set of software and services for transforming data into actionable knowledge and intelligence which helps managers, workers, and executives make informed business decisions. Business intelligence also combines data visualization, data tools, business analytics, and data mining which helps companies make more data-driven decisions. It affects the tactical, operational, and strategic decisions of companies or big organizations.

Business intelligence supports the fact-based decision that makes to use historical data rather than assumptions. Business intelligence tools perform data analysis and make dashboards, charts, maps, reports, summaries, and graphs for providing users with detailed intelligence about the nature of the business. Modern Business Intelligence prioritizes flexible self-service analysis, empowered business users, speed to insight, and governed data on trusted platforms.

The main goal of the Business Intelligence Initiatives is to drive better business decisions which help in enhancing revenue, better operational gain, and efficiency competitive benefits as compared with business rival companies. Business intelligence plays an important role to improve the business operations of companies by using relevant data. Thus, most organizations effectively use business intelligence techniques and tools that may help in translating collected data into valuable insights about their strategies and business procedures.

Benefits of Business Intelligence – There are several benefits of business intelligence are discussed below –

  1. Improve productivity – Business Intelligence helps in creating reports with a single click which saves a lot of resources and time. It also enables employees to be more productive in their tasks.
  2. Streamlines business procedures – Business intelligence also automates analytics by providing computer modeling, benchmarking, and predictive analysis, and many other methodologies.
  3. Better visibility – Business Intelligence helps in improving the visibility of these procedures making it possible for identifying any areas that need attention.
  4. Provides a birth’s eye view – Business Intelligence system helps companies as decision makers that are getting an overall bird’s eye view via typical business intelligence feature such as scorecards and dashboards.
  5. Simple analytics – Business intelligence software has democratized its usage and allows even non-analysts or nontechnical users for processing and collect data fast.

Is business intelligence a high-paying job – Yes, business intelligence is a high-paying job. The salary of a business intelligence analyst is comparatively high than other professional jobs. The average salary of a business intelligence analyst is about Rs 57,856 annually in India. The high demand for business intelligence analysts may help in making a better salary as compared with other jobs.

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