Now Its not Pre-Wedding its Post-wedding shoot: The New normal amid Covid-19.

As all of us is aware that because of Covid, the weddings and Pre-wedding shoots kept on Postponing, besides suspending photoshoots to after the ceremony, Delhi-NCR couples also are choosing close by locations keeping safety in mind.

But now, pre-wedding ceremony shoots are being driven to after the ceremony for couples in Delhi-NCR, says Wedprophotography Studio - The Best Wedding Photographer in Delhi and NCR.

January was the peak time for pre-wedding ceremony shoots. But, couples had been burdened as whilst wedding ceremony will take location and when they have to plan their Best pre-wedding photography shoot near me ceremony shoot,” says Sandeep from Wedprophotography.

Witnessing similar sentiments from many customers as according to Wedprophotography. They says, “Weddings par limit ki vajah se kaafi issues hain. A lot of couples are actually going for post-wedding ceremony shoots, as they don’t locate it viable to exit of city earlier than their wedding ceremony, because of the Omicron scare.

  • Foreign locales aside, shooting at famous towns like Jaipur, Jodhpur and Manali also appears Sandeep in addition adds from Wedprophotography Studio says, “Abhi outside main protection worries hain. There are tour restrictions, and pre-wedding ceremony shoot units are sanitized, so it’s a win-win for couples to shoot at close by locations.