"Elden Ring Items is really a hard game" I was told. "You need to git gud" I was told that.

Elden Ring, and FromSoftware games generally, possess a reputation for being incredibly difficult, with particular attention given to their infamously hard bosses.

elden ring items

What many people don't know, however, is the fact that there are many methods to make Elden Ring an easy game to experience. Stacking universal buffs, using certain sorceries, using summons, and exploiting poise and stance-breaking with tools like Flame from the Redmanes, are simply some things that you can do to make your whole run a breeze to obtain through.

While a few of these methods work with almost every boss, there are more methods that are extremely effective for specific bosses, that is what will be about this list.

Contrary to popular belief, FromSoftware doesn't want farmville to be a hardship for all players. It's hard for those who like the challenge, but exceptionally easy when you are aware of what overpowered skills to make use of or know a boss's special weakness. Some of these weaknesses, they upright tell you about, while some are there that you should discover yourself (or seasoned players to find out for you).

Here are simply thirteen possible weapons, and spells, along with other tools to create your elden ring items experience just a little easier and breezier.

For each one of these methods, a great rule of thumb is to make use of general damage buffs available in-game. Just make sure you realize which buffs can stack, and which cannot.

Crystal Darts For Golems, Watchdogs, And Imps

A large number of people may not realize the main difference between crystal darts and regular darts, aside from their ability to complete magic damage. The description, however, provides you with a hint regarding their specific use:

Crystal darts short out golem construct-type enemies for example stone Golems, Burial Watchdogs, and people annoying little imps you retain running into in catacombs. Shorting them out forces them right into a frenzy where they attack one another, which will help with multiple construct enemies in a single fight, for example, multiple golems within the field or that certain annoying duo Watchdog fight, along with the hordes of imps underground.

Important to notice, however, is the fact that you can continue to get hurt should you stand too near to a frenzied construct, plus they can still attempt to attack you. The crystal dart is simply a way for you to obtain them to distract them or encourage them to fight one another, allowing you to obtain free hits.

It also does NOT work on non-stone constructs, for example, Crystalians, the Iron Virgins roaming Mt. Gelmir, or Marionette/Avionette soldiers.