When it comes to decorating your living room, one of the biggest design challenges can be deciding where to place your television. Many homeowners choose to mount their TV on the wall, but what if your living room has a fireplace? Fortunately, mounting your TV above your fireplace is not only possible, but it can also be a great space-saving solution that adds a stylish focal point to your room. In this article, we'll discuss the benefits of wall-mounting your TV above your fireplace and explore some of the best mounting bracket options.

Wall mount tv fireplace

There are several benefits to wall-mounting your TV above your fireplace. First, it can help you save valuable floor space in your living room. With a wall-mounted TV, you don't need to worry about finding a spot for a bulky entertainment center or TV stand. Additionally, mounting your TV above your fireplace can create a sleek, modern look that adds style and sophistication to your living room.

Choosing the Right Fireplace Mounting Bracket

When it comes to mounting your TV above your fireplace, it's important to choose the right mounting bracket. Here are some of the most popular options:

Fixed Wall Mount Bracket: A fixed wall mount bracket is the simplest and most affordable option. It holds your TV in a fixed position and is a good choice if you don't need to adjust the angle or height of your TV.

Tilt Wall Mount Bracket: A tilt wall mount bracket allows you to adjust the angle of your TV up or down. This is a great option if you need to mount your TV higher up on the wall, as it allows you to angle the screen down towards your seating area.

Tv mounted to fireplace

Full-Motion Wall Mount Bracket: A full-motion wall mount bracket is the most versatile option. It allows you to adjust the angle, height, and even the distance of your TV from the wall. This is a great option if you have a large room or multiple seating areas.

Tips for Mounting Your TV Above Your Fireplace

Once you've chosen the right mounting bracket, it's important to install it correctly. Here are some tips to help you mount your TV above your fireplace safely and securely:

Make Sure Your Fireplace Can Handle the Weight: Before you start, make sure your fireplace is strong enough to support the weight of your TV and mounting bracket. If you're not sure, consult a professional.

Check Your Viewing Angle: Consider the height of your fireplace and the distance from your seating area to determine the best viewing angle for your TV. You may need to adjust the height or angle of your mounting bracket to get the best view.

Flush wall mount brackets

Hide Your Cords: One of the downsides of wall-mounting your TV is that cords and cables can be unsightly. Consider using a cable cover or cord organizer to keep your cords neat and tidy.

Use a Level: Make sure your mounting bracket is level before you start drilling. This will ensure that your TV hangs straight and doesn't tilt to one side.

In Conclusion

Mounting your TV above your fireplace can be a great way to save space and add style to your living room. With the right mounting bracket and a little bit of planning, you can create a sleek, modern look that's both functional and stylish. Whether you choose a fixed wall mount bracket, a tilt wall mount bracket, or a full-motion wall mount bracket, make sure to follow these tips to ensure a safe and secure installation. Visit us at https://outofsightmounting.com/