Customized Vape Pen Filling Machine GT10 HIGH PRECISION FILLING & INJECTION MACHINE DESIGN TO FILL HIGHT VISCOSITY OILS WITH EXTREME ACCURACY, PRECISION AND REPEATABILITY This disposable vape pen filling machine include a convenient touch screen menu. Real-time production information is featured here, such as the number of hardware filled and the production rate in bottles per minute. Settings can be changed and saved with ease, and filling programs can be stored for future use. It can be programmed to reliably fill each hardware with a specified and precise volume of product and remove the necessity for an operator in the filling line. With an accuracy of 卤0.5%, GT 10 disposable vape pen filling machine fill hardware quickly and precisely. Our GT 10 disposable vape pen filling machine are designed to provide customers with a flexible and easy to adjust, you can simply change the module to fill different flavors of oils, resulting in fast changeover times. 鈼廝ortable 鈼廐igh Precision 鈼廎or cartridge, Vape deive, Pods etc. 鈼廚o air compressor needed 鈼?0 adjustable levels of filling speed 鈼廠uitable for CBD/THC oil, E-liquid etc. 鈼廍asy to use and clean Input Voltage AC110 V Input Power 200 W Injection Efficiency 800~2000pcs/h Injection Speed 10 level speed adjustable Vessel Volume 550 ml Filling Range 0.01ml - 2.0ml Accuracy +/-0.01 ml Injector Temperature 77 - 194 F (25-90C) Vessel Temperature 77 - 194 F (25-90C) Injector Module Removable & Exchangeable Operation Semi-automatic Size 44cm (L) * 44cm (H) * 28cm (W) Net Weight 22.5 KG Suit for CBD oil, e liquid, THC oil Application Cartridge, Vape device, Pods, Syringe, etc.Customized Vape Pen Filling Machine website: