China Concrete Wall Machine Fence pillar machine cement pillar machine vegetable greenhouse pillar machine new concrete pile machine is the equipment for the production of high-speed road network wall mixed hard soil pile, factory, residential fence pile, greenhouse pile and grape trellis pillar. It can automatically walk and work continuously. It uses cement, sand and stones to be extruded and vibrated at one time. The plate making speed is 1.2-1.5 M / min faster, and it can produce 4-5 hollow, solid, reinforced and non reinforced concrete pile bodies at the same time, It is the framework of enclosure board and greenhouse installation. 1. The whole machine adopts ductile iron girder (formerly channel steel girder), which deforms the whole machine, thus improving the stability and service life of the whole machine. 2. Compared with the low-frequency vibrator (50Hz), the medium frequency vibrator (100Hz) has the characteristics of fast production / plate making speed, good appearance quality / high strength of hollow slab, excellent performance of various mechanisms, and 50 kg of cement can be saved per cubic meter of concrete. 3. The key spare parts are carefully selected, with reliable technology and performance. The wearing parts are wear-resistant and have long service life, so as to save maintenance costs and reduce use costs for users. 4. It has wide adaptability to aggregate, and has good board making performance of crushed stone and pebble. Column machine concrete column machine cement purlin machine fence column machine cement column machine concrete column machineChina Concrete Wall Machine website: