In 2022, the envelope is Diablo 4 Gold going been pushed more. If players' Paragon levels are lower than those of the server, and players accrue more levels of experience points. However, it seems like the system isn't currently providing enough help to players get back to speed, and so Blizzard is planning to increase their experience earned by players that are significantly below their server's Paragon level.

Furthermore, Blizzard is looking to increase the speed that players can earn Legendary and Set items, so that those lapsed players are able to increase their Combat Rating and also participate in more challenging content.

"In Immortal's current format the situation is that players can gain in experience, yet their Combat Rating is too low for them to participate in various games," Blizzard notes.

While the catch-up system updates aren't scheduled to happen immediately, other changes are. Players will soon be able to modify the look of their characters as well as remain with their group of characters to battle many Helliquary raid bosses with diablo immortal's next significant update scheduled to launch December 14. This update will also feature improvements to the game's recently introduced Set crafting system for items and new story content.

Diablo Immortal is co-developed with China's NetEase games that has long been a partner with Blizzard to bring out games like World of Warcraft and Overwatch in China. Blizzard recently announced it would be buy Diablo IV Gold ending its collaboration with NetEase at the end of the year.