Concrete is without question, the most popular construction material. However, for doing it to get the desired durability and strength, the ingredients which make it must be mixed in a definite proportion. This technique is referred to as batching. It involves mixing materials for example aggregates, cement, water etc in precise measurements by weight. This process can be carried out yourself, or through machinery called batching plants.

As expected, small ready mixed concrete batching plants provide far a lot better accuracy and results in terms of making concretes. The machines measure the amount of sand, cement, aggregate, water, etc for your desired mix outcome. Concrete batching is done in 2 ways volume batching or weigh batching. The latter is carried out in accordance with the ingredients' weight even though the former is performed in line with the ingredients' volume.

That being said, allow us to take a closer look at the sorts of ready mix concrete plants you should look at buying in Sri Lanka.

1. Dry Concrete Batching/ Transit Mix Plant

This plant utilizes digital or manual scales to weigh the concrete ingredients like the water. Following the weighing, the type of material are then poured in a transit mixer, which is transported on the construction site. All of the ingredients are mixed during transportation and therefore the phrase transit mix plant.

2. Wet Concrete Batching/ Central Mix Plant

This type of plant weighs each of the required materials required to make concrete including water. The materials are combined within a mixer in the central location inside the plant. After the mixing is one, the concrete is transferred into an agitator truck, which transports it for the construction shit. When investing in such a concrete rmc plant, you should note that the truck should be constantly moving, otherwise the concrete will solidify.

3. Stationary Concrete Batching Plant

Since the name suggests, it is a plant located at the particular distance through the construction site. The concrete is batched after which moved utilizing a truck towards the site or on-site. This kind of branch is simple to install and usually comes in larger size compared to its counterpart. They have higher efficiency as well as produces high quality concrete.

Care and attention needs to be taken to be sure the truck arrives in the site in the right time or perhaps the concrete will begin to solidify, creating below desirable results. However, these plants use a wider capacity range compared to their mobile counterparts. They are usually utilized for commercial projects by using a sought after for concrete and big duration.

4. Mobile Concrete Batching Plant

In some instances, stationary ready concrete batching plants are located at a large distance that the fee for transporting the concrete surpasses feasibility. Such situations, portable batching plants come in handy. These are typically compact machines that come with material storage, mixing, weighing, as well as discharging units. They can be flexible in terms of movement and consequently may be transported for the construction location. This makes it possible to batch the concrete on-site. Following the plant is established, you can adjust the creation of concrete regarding your requirements.