Once you open the results page for search engines, you will see the title crown is the most prominent element in the displayed results, and it is also the first thing you see in SERPs in the form of a clickable title, and below we will learn about the importance of this element in improving the results of the appearance of your site.

تعليم كتابة المقالات

We will also present, during our article, a set of tips that will help you choose the title of the most appropriate website page for the content of your site, in a way that is compatible with search engines and supports your appearance in the first results!

What is the Title Tag page title?
The title of the page or title tag is the first thing your audience sees. It is necessary to give visitors and surfers a good impression of the content you provide, and you must also give them a general idea of what the content revolves around, and all of this you can provide through the website page title:

The title of the page needs complete focus in order to formulate an attractive title that appears in the SERPs, attracts the attention of the audience, and encourages browsers to click on your content, even if the user has many tabs open in front of him on the browser, the title tag can guide him to the content of the pages your location. 

كيف تكتب مقال احترافي

For the best results, the website page title must begin with the keyword; To ensure that the audience is well aware of what your site offers, the title tag is used to give visitors and search engines also a glimpse of what your web page is about, but that title is required to be short and accurate.
The title of the page appears in search engines in blue, in a large font due to its importance, and it also appears as Anchor Text when publishing your page on social media platforms or any other sites in general, and the title of the pages also appears in the browser tab or the Browser Tab.