Causes of water leaks
The causes of water leaks are very many and we must know them in order to notice them or avoid them so that no water leakage occurs, which are:

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Cracks in the walls and roofs of houses.
Heavy rains with no proper waterproofing to prevent leaks.
Holes and cracks inside the tanks.
Breakage of water and sewage pipes.
Water pipes rust, which leads to corrosion.
Lack of regular maintenance of sewers.
  Lack of periodic maintenance on the plumbing system in general.
Use of inferior plumbing tools.
Quick measures to reduce water leakage and cracks in swimming pools.
Quick measures to reduce water leaks

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When contacting us on the numbers of the water leak detection company in Riyadh to request our service, we are keen to provide advice to reduce water leaks until our team is dispatched to the customer’s place and detects the latest means, methods and tools for water leakage, and among these procedures are the following:

Close the sub-valves and follow the sound of water to confirm the source of the leak.
Monitor water meters continuously and track consumption. Close the main valves completely to reduce leakage.
Contact the water leak detection company in Riyadh to address the causes of leakage.
The application of waterproofing roofs to maintain the safety of the building from collapse and moisture.
Using connections and extensions of high quality materials and specifications to ensure their longevity.
Continuous and periodic examination of the place by the water leak detection company in Riyadh to ensure the quality of treatment for a period.