Microsoft 365 and Office 365 setup guides offer you a customized instructions and tools for preparing and deploying your tenant, apps and services. These guides are created using the same best practices that FastTrack onboarding specialists share in individual interactions, and they're available to all admins within the Microsoft 365 admin center. They provide information about setting up the product, activating security features, and using collaboration tools and include scripts that accelerate advanced deployments.

How do I access the instructions for setting up in Microsoft 365 admin center?

The guides for setting up are available via the Setup help page of the Microsoft 365 admin center. It is possible to keep track of the progress you've made and come back at any time to finish a guide. To access the Setup guide page:

  1. Within the Microsoft 365 admin center, navigate to the home page.
  2. Find the Training & Guides card.
  3. Choose Advanced deployment guides, then select All guides.

Guides for the initial set-up Make sure you have a safe environment

The Prepare your environment guide helps you prepare your organization's environment for and Office 365 services. Whatever your goal there are tasks you'll have to accomplish for a successful deployment. To prevent any mistakes while setting up your environment, you'll be given step-by step instructions on how for connecting your domain and users, create user accounts and assign licenses, establish email using Exchange Online, and install or install Office applications.

Guide to setting up email

This Email setup guide will provide you with step-by-step instructions required to configure Exchange Online for your organization. This includes creating an email account, migrating emails and configuring email security. To set up your email successfully follow this guideline and you'll be provided with the best method for migration that is based on the existing mail system and how many mailboxes are to be transferred, and the way you'd like to handle users and access.

Microsoft 365 setup guide

This Microsoft 365 setup guide provides the user with instructions for setting the productivity tools, security policy, and devices management capabilities. With a Microsoft 365 Business Premium or for enterprise subscription, you can use this advisor to set up and configure your organization's devices.

You'll be provided with instructions and access to the resources you need to enable cloud services, update devices to the most recent compatible version that is Windows 10, and join devices to Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) all from one place.

Microsoft Search setup guide

Microsoft Search helps your organization locate the items they need to finish what you're working on. When you're looking for files, people web sites, org charts or even answers to the most common questions, your organization can utilize Microsoft Search throughout their workday to find answers.

This Microsoft Search setup guide helps to set up Microsoft Search whether you want to test it with an individual group of users or spread it to all employees in your organization. It will assign Search administrators and Search editors, and then you can customize the experience when searching for your users, providing them with answers , as well as other options, including installing Bing as an extension to Chrome, or adding the Bing extensions to Chrome or making Bing as the preferred search engine.