Just 13 people were thus employed when Goodyear was first established in 1898. by Frank Seiberling. With over $15 billion in yearly sales and 52 manufacturing locations. spread across 22 countries Goodyear has now grown. Goodyear's famous emblem, the winged sandal, was by the Greek god Hermes. or Mercury if you prefer the Roman translation. It hasn't altered much through the years. Because it encompassed many of the qualities. that Seiberling admired and desired for his new firm. the image, which is thus said to fly wearer as faster as any bird, was also picked. One of Goodyear's long-standing and important goals. Goodyear Tyres Folkestone has a reputation for being a trailblazer. in the tyre industry and innovative technologies.

The incidence of incidents involving drivers. between the ages of 16 and 24 has received attention. In response, Goodyear established the Goodyear Driving School in 2012. an engaging online programme targeted at teaching young people. about road safety with a specific emphasis on the Highway Code. Some well-known automakers. including BMW, Fiat, VW, Porsche, Bentley, and Rolls Royce. choose Goodyear tyres as original equipment.

What Differentiates Goodyear Tyres?

As always, invention and discovery have been thus associated with the Goodyear name. Goodyear tyres were getting used by the first car to surpass the 600 mph land speed record in 1965. Goodyear was the first tyre manufacturer to put tyres. on the moon in 1971, and in 2012, it led the way in developing the European Union's tyre labelling system. Here are a few of the significant breakthroughs and advancements. that Goodyear has made recently:

SoundComfort Technology, a tyre innovation, decreases interior vehicle noise by up to 50%.

In the main section of the tyre tread, SealTech plugs puncture up. to 5mm in diameter allowing drivers to continue their trip to a safe location. or even reach their goal without the need to repair the tyre.

ActiveBraking and ActiveCornerGrip are technologies. that keep and enhance handling during harsh braking and cornering circumstances.

With the help of SmartWear technology. which gradually discloses new grooves in the rubber matrix. tyres may maintain excellent performance even as they get older.

Without sacrificing performance or safety. efficient grip tyres reduce fuel use and CO2 emissions. Recent tyre tests conducted by magazines recognised Goodyear's EfficientGrip Performance tyres. for their exceptional grip in the rain with 11 awards.

Improved tyre stiffness and stability. thanks to the patented 3D-BIS three-dimensions block interlocking system.

Improved protection against cuts and punctures on tough terrain. provided by Quiet Armor Technology

A technology called TOPIndicator Technology. Which tracks tread wear in winter conditions.

With the help of SmartTred technology. Some tread zones can adapt to various road conditions.

Best-selling Goodyear Tyre Models:

Goodyear Excellence is one of Goodyear's best-selling tyres. and was thus created with three goals in mind: comfort, safety, and performance. Especially in the rain, the tyre delivers reduced braking distances. thanks to the silica composition and novel new polymers that increase grip level on the road. Even while making tight turns and sudden stops, shoulder stabilisers. aid in maintaining a strong hold on the road. Since Goodyear employs technology to guarantee. that the tyre distributes pressure throughout its life. performance is thus maintained even as the tyre ages and wear is uniform across the tread.

The 2020-released Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance 2 makes some bold promises. That it outperforms Michelin, the industry leader in tyre durability. And has a 50% longer life than its predecessor. The typical trade-off for durability is less grip in wet conditions. But the EfficientGrip Performance 2 came. close to the top of recent independent test results. In this way, EfficientGrip Performance 2 outperforms. its main rivals in terms of mileage. While maintaining great stability and wet braking. One reason for greater water evacuation and shorter stopping distances. As well as being the clear winner of the Auto Express Tyre Test in 2020. is the increased number of gripping edges in the tread.

Rim guards for the best kerb protection and enhanced stability. in the dry are extra features. Performance levels are excellent, particularly on dry roads. with solid handling and cornering even under stress. and noise levels are enticingly low.

Do Goodyear Tyres Provide Good Value?

Goodyear has a long history of involvement in motorsports. and part of the price of their tyres reflects. the millions of pounds they invest each year in research and development. Not only for motor racing. but also for the creation of safer technologies and features that drivers value. Such as tread longevity, low cabin noise, durability, and safety.

How Can You Find Goodyear Tyres at a Concession?

Changing your Tyres Folkestone when your local retailer has specials going. on or shopping online and finding competitive pricing are two ways to reduce the cost of a premium brand. While ordering tyres online can result in lower prices. So factor in the cost of fitting them and transporting them to your home or nearby garage.