Umrah is a spiritual journey and a whole new experience that one can ever have. Most people perform umrah more than once because unlike hajj it can be performed throughout the year. People coming from the UK can consider reliable Umrah agents who are bringing the best of services to them and offering All Inclusive Cheap umrah packages as well. If you are coming from London seek knowledge about responsible and reputed agencies offering Ramadan Umrah Package London. People coming to perform umrah for the first time must acquire useful tips for their Umrah trip, learning helpful tips is always a good idea! Let’s have a look on some useful tips!

  • Since you know Umrah is a strenuous journey so you should always keep your physical state in mind.
  • Mentally prepare yourself to gear up for the laborious spiritual journey of Umrah.
  • Never miss your vaccination certificate as you will be asked to show your vaccination certificates at AL-Haram, hotels and restaurants.
  • Keep all your documents ready not to miss a single one, also make extra copies of all your documents if anything gets lost you are having another one.
  • Pick your most comfortable pair of shoes because the journey of Umrah requires a lot of walking. 
  • Wear blister-free socks. Blister-free socks decrease the risk of developing blisters on your feet.
  • Do not forget to carry a prayer mat with you. Keep a prayer book so you can utilize maximum time in praying.
  • Never miss your prescriptions if you are on medication. Keep medicines like Panadol, Ponstan, flygel, and Cough Syrups in case you feel fever, flu or cough.
  • Keep yourself hydrated. Take plenty of water especially while you are resting in your room to prevent water deficiency. 
  • There are good quality hot and cool water bottles available on market. You must carry a bottle it helps to keep water cool or hot (whatever you want) according to your desire.
  • Keep dates, nuts and some dry fruits in case you feel hungry.
  • Make a kit and place your entire essentials into it, like tissues, unscented soaps, moisturizers, nail cutters, medicine, shampoo, Band-Aid, sanitisers, medicines etc.
  • Always carry sunblock, Umbrella, and goggles to avoid sun exposure. 
  • Keep clothes according to Makah’s weather. If you are travelling from a cool country it is always better to buy some clothes according to KSA’s weather. It is usually hot in Makkah.
  • Install language translators from the Play store it will help you to cope with the language barrier.
  • Men should carry extra Ihram and ladies must carry extra Abayas. Once you come back to your hotel you can take shower and change your ihram. It is permissible to change clothes and Ihram. 
  • Islam teaches us to stay clean. You must not put on any perfumes or ought not to use scented soaps but yes you can take shower maybe twice or thrice and can change your clothes, be its ihram and Abayas

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