China gps position Fragile goods transport supply chain solution using dedicated GPS tracking device XKtrack is a dedicated GPS tracking device for cargo transport that monitors cargo location and cargo transport speed in real-time. It considerably reduces the rate of damaged goods in transit through its distinctive real-time amplitude monitoring module which incorporates shock-proof supply chain solutions. Fragile items transportation challenges 1. High risk of breakage for fragile goods Glass, porcelain, precision instruments, electrical products, and other fragile items require uniform speed and steadiness during transport, along with careful loading and unloading; otherwise, breakage rates could be very high. 2. Lack of effective monitoring devices and high breakage rates erode corporate profits Shippers and carriers find remote monitoring of transport and handling processes difficult. Goods are often only found damaged after arrival. High rates of breakage of fragile items in transit have become a threat to corporate profits. 3. Difficulties in finding causes of damage and accountable persons Corporate managers may not be able to adopt preventive measures, decide the causes and location of damage, or find those accountable for damaged goods due to lack of real-time monitoring. XKtrack supply chain solutions 1.XKtrack monitors cargo status in real-time to prevent careless handling of goods and urge smooth and steady driving, thereby reducing the breakage rate XKtrack as a GPS tracking device is bound to the corresponding waybill, along with the goods loaded onto vehicles, ships, etc. XKtrack monitors cargo speed and vibration amplitude and frequency in real-time. When the vehicle or the vessel is experiencing excess speed or jolts causing vibration amplitude and frequency that exceed the threshold, the corresponding software system will send alerts in real-time, thus urging drivers that cargos shall be handled with care, reminding the vehicle to drive at a constant speed and keep the vehicle steady on bumpy roads to reduce the damage rate. 2. Liability traceability and more effective protection In the course of transport, if the goods are damaged, the on-site staff can take photos, upload the photos to the system, and the manager can be aware of the damage of goods before the goods arrive at the destination. This is particularly important for liability tracing in combined transport where there are multiple sub-carriers and segments. Additionally, through detailed vibration and shock records, the road sections and causes leading to damage can be found, and the protective measures can be implemented.China gps position website: