Rajasthan is fortunate to have various wildlife destinations, with Bera and Jawai being renowned as the leopards' primary habitats. In essence, the names of the same wildlife locations are Bera and Jawai. As Bera is a little village with a population of one, and Jawai is the name of the entire region where wild animals, birds, and people all coexist, Bera is considered to be a part of Jawai.


 leopard safari in jawai 


Leopard sightings may be enjoyed by scheduling a leopard safari activity at Jawai Safaris. Leopards are a popular attraction in Bera and Jawai. A leopard safari in Jawai lasts about two to three hours. The hills surrounding Jawai were formed by lava millions of years ago; today, leopards call the natural caves in those lava hills (Jawai hills) home. A leopard safari in Bera or Jawai is a must-do activity.


 jungle safari in Bera


Another incredible experience is going on a jungle safari in Bera. You can do this safari whether you visit Best Resort in Jawai or Bera, and it's organized to help you spot exotic animals like hyenas, sloth bears, deer, wild Boars, jungle cats, and hopefully Indian wolves. You must make lodging reservations in Bera or Jawai in order to take part in a forest safari because these excursions usually happen in the early morning and late at night.

Jawai Dam 


With a depth of 62 feet (18.89 meters), this is the largest water reservoir in western Rajasthan. Maharaja Umaid Singh of Jodhpur constructed the Jawai Dam in 1957. Following the formal certification of Jawai Dam as a crocodile refuge in 2013, Jawai Dam is now a popular tourist destination. When the dam's excess water flushes out through its 13 channel gates, it makes for a stunning sight. With its sun set position from the catchment region of Jawai Dam, the dam also draws tourists.


Along with providing an exciting experience, Jawai also lets you get to know nature better. It demonstrates wildlife in many environments and provides numerous justifications for appreciating it. In addition to leopards, you can view crocodiles, migrating bird species, and other creatures here.