When you are traveling to Qatar whether for vacation or business purposes or visiting the country for your transit with Cheap Qatar airways flights, local rules and regulations must be observed respectfully. As a conservative Muslim country, Qatar has a set of restrictions to be imposed on traveling in the region. If not followed, not only legal prosecutions can occur for such passengers but also, they will be fined a lot and even locked up.

Here are some of the strict rules in Qatar that you must know about.

Dress Code.

Though a globalized country, Qatar’s Islamic culture remains well-marked and it extends to the dress code there as well. The Qatari people are very sensitive when it comes to dressing modestly in the public. Therefore, everyone arriving in the kingdom should abide by that dress code.

For instance, women should wear loose-fitting clothes that fully cover them. Therefore, avoid anything too tight or too revealing.

Showing too much skin in public is also frowned upon there; especially one’s shoulders, knees, or, upper arms.

On the other hand, men are expected to wear either trousers and shirts or long kameezes.

Alcohol consumption.

Travelers know that Qatar observes a zero-tolerance policy for alcohol consumption and the use or possession of drugs in public. Additionally, it also remains prohibited to brew and even traffic alcohol inside the region by any means. If anyone is caught drunk, he/she must be legally prosecuted and for serious cases, they would end up in prison.

Social Behaviour.

Social norms in Qatar are not only pretty straightforward but also very considerable in personal space, especially when interacting with the opposite genre.

Usually, there are separated public areas for a gathering that includes both men and women.

If you meet an Arab man in Qatar, you can greet him by the exchange a shake of hands. However, for women, it should be avoided at all times and if there’s a need to greet, do so only using a hand gesture and not physically touching each other.

Prohibited goods to carry.

Any sort of illegal item brought into the country by the traveler is a serious offense in the country. These items prominently include;

Ø  Drugs.

Ø  Pork meat or any product containing pork as an ingredient.

Ø  Religious books.

Ø  Alcoholic beverages of any sort.

Ø  Edible seeds.

Ø  Spices.

Ø  Medicines like Morphine, Trama, etc.

Ø  Weapons and Ammunition.

Ø  Pornography as well as any sort of obscene material, and/or inappropriate content.

Ø  Fireworks and Explosives.

Ø  Hunting trophies.

Be mindful of the photography you do.

Though you are allowed to take pictures and do photography of the tourist destinations in the county but don’t get overly excited in this regard. Therefore, before taking a photograph of any security-sensitive area, private properties, or areas with restricted entrances – seek permission from the local authorities first. There might exist a lot of local laws that you won’t necessarily know about and end up in trouble.

There are some sites in the country where taking photographs is prohibited such as;

Religious sites.

Shopping malls.

External areas of the airport.

Military sites.

Construction sites.

Industrial areas.

Government buildings.

So, when in the region with Qatar airways cheap tickets, these are some of the strict rules to keep in mind.